availability checker

Mainframe Product

Availability Checker

  • Find routes with poor response time
  • Warn of failing routes or interfaces. 
  • Warn of failing network devices such as IP printers or servers.
  • Trend response time for routers or devices.
  • Create unavailability reports.
  • Monitor Service Level Agreements.


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Check Response Time

Availability Checker provides a way to check the availability of routes and devices from the mainframe. An ICMP Ping will be sent from the mainframe to the devices defined. Availability Checker keeps track of the network response time (Hourly, Daily, Yearly) and automatically provides Unavailable Resource reports.

Check Unavailable Resources

Availability Checker provides a simple way to check the availability of devices and routes from the mainframe, and keep track of network response times.  If you need to manage availability on your network, you need Availability Checker!

See it on one Screen!

Our Overview of Distributed Resources screen lets you see all your monitored devices easily at once!  You can filter displays as you need.